Rough edges

People are always inclined to feel that something in their lives is missing. We may have an instinct to look for holes and poke at them with great scrutiny. But if we look upon things with some perspective, so long as we have basic necessities, and people in our lives who care about us, there is little that we could say is genuinely lacking. We only have images and idealizations of life which prevent us from seeing this simple reality.

When I talk to my aunt I get this outlook of sheer simplicity and boundless hope, like, here’s a woman who is utterly content and lives with bliss with what she has. She seems to have arrived at this sense of calm that few have by her age. I greatly admire her for it and wish others had this quality. When you meet someone who has this quality, you sense it immediately. They never waste their time on trivialities. They live every moment as it comes, and they don’t have a need to be forceful with their opinions. All of their actions are subtly in sync with the universe. Their outlook smooths the rough edges of life.


Federer Cries, Nadal Hugs

“Sorry for that Roger I know you wanted to win your 14th Grand Slam title but I’m sure that it will happen soon” Nadal told Federer. “You are one of the best players and it is always a pleasure playing against you” he said, cheered by the crowd.